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Tesla Model 3 Sunshade 2023

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€66,95 EUR
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Product description
Product description


Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 with our premium Tesla Model 3 Sunshade, meticulously designed to provide unmatched style, comfort, and protection. Our sunshades improve your driving experience by providing maximum comfort during every journey, from the windshield to the roof.


1. Model 3 Sunshade Precision:

Embrace precision with our Model 3 sunshade, tailor-made to fit the dimensions of your vehicle's sunroof. Enjoy optimal coverage and protection without compromising on style.

2. Front Window Sunshade Excellence:

Stay safe in the sun with our special sunshade made for the Tesla Model 3. Not only will it shield you from the harsh rays, but it will also enhance visibility. Additionally, it will help in maintaining a cool and comfortable interior for your driving experience.

3. Innovative Windshield Sunshade Technology:

Stay cool and safe while driving with our advanced Tesla sunshade model 3. It blocks heat and reduces glare for a comfortable ride.

4. Retractable Sunshade Convenience:

Experience unparalleled convenience with our retractable sunshade for Tesla Model 3. Effortlessly adjust the shade to your liking, providing a customizable driving environment at the touch of a button.

5. Best Roof Sunshade for Tesla Model 3:

Choose the top Model 3 sunshade roof. They offer great coverage, easily adjust, and have a stylish look to match your car's appearance.

6. Unmatched Sunshade Quality:

We make our temai tesla model 3 glass roof sunshadeswith great care and attention to detail, meeting Tesla's high standards. Choose a quality that matches the excellence of your Model 3.

7. Stylish Glass Roof Sunshade:

Elevate your Model 3's interior with our glass roof sunshade, featuring a stylish and foldable design. Manage sunlight exposure with ease, making every drive a stylish and comfortable journey.

8. Tesla Model 3 Roof Sunshade Excellence:

Choose our Tesla Model 3 glass roof sunshade. It fits perfectly, provides great coverage, and looks stylish while improving both the car's appearance and functionality.

9. Best Sunshade for Tesla Model 3 Selection:

Choose the best Tesla Model 3 sunshade from our carefully curated collection. We make each sunshade fit perfectly, work well, and add a bit of luxury to your driving.


  1. Material Composition:

Crafted from high-quality, durable materials to withstand various weather conditions and ensure long-lasting performance.

2. Precision Fit:

We make our sunshades specifically for the Tesla Model 3. They fit perfectly and cover and protect the sunroof, front window, windshield, and roof of your vehicle.

3. Windshield Sunshade Technology:

Uses advanced technology in the car sunshade to block heat and reduce glare, making driving more comfortable and safe.

4. Retractable Mechanism:

Features a retractable sunshade mechanism, offering unparalleled convenience and allowing drivers to easily adjust the shade according to changing light conditions.

5. Foldable Design:

The sunshade for the glass roof of the sunshade tesla model 3 is stylish. It is also foldable. Additionally, it can be used to control sunlight. Lastly, it helps make the interior look elegant.

6. Optimal Coverage:

Our sunshade collection provides optimal coverage, ensuring protection against glaring sunlight while maintaining visibility and comfort for both the driver and passengers.

7. Quality Assurance:

Crafted to meet the high standards set by Tesla, our sunshades guarantee unmatched quality and durability. Choose a product that aligns with the excellence of your Tesla Model 3.

8. Ease of Installation:

Our sunshades are easy to install and come with clear instructions, so Model 3 owners can drive more comfortably.

9. Versatile Usage:

Versatility is key in our sunshade collection, providing solutions for the sunroof, front window, windshield, and roof. We design each sunshade to meet specific needs and preferences.

10. UV Protection:

UV protection keeps your Tesla Model 3's interior surfaces safe from sun damage, ensuring they last longer.

11. Stylish Appearance:

Enhance your Model 3's look with our sunshades, adding style and usefulness to improve its overall appearance.

12. Adaptability:

Our sunshades are designed to be easily folded and retracted. This feature allows you to adjust the amount of sunlight that enters your Tesla Model 3 while driving.


  1. 1 x Front half of sunshade
  2. 1 x rear half of sunshade
  3. clips


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